things that make me happy

Things That Make Me Happy Mom Edition

Finding Our Individuality As Moms

things that make me happy

86 Things That Make Me Happy As A Mom And A Woman

1. Showing my family love and having fun at the same time.

2. Spending time with my kids.

3. When my son hugs my leg and calls me “mommy” in the sweetest voice.

4. My daughter explaining things she hears on her favorite shows to me.

5. Watching them both grow. Things that were impossible last month, or a year ago, become natural as the days pass.

6. My son introducing himself and the family to all the animals at the zoo and aquarium.

7. Seeing my kids smile.

things that make me happy

8. Watching my kids achieve something they worked really hard to do.

9. Snuggling with my children in the morning.

10. My daughter telling me not to call myself fat on days I’m feeling less than attractive.

11. Hearing my kids say, “I love you, Mommy”.

12. Hearing my kids say, “Night, Night, Mommy. Love you. See you tomorrow.”

13. When my daughter makes me a birthday card and it’s one of her best creations yet.

14. Getting to see the world through their eyes.

15. Waking up before my kids in the morning and seeing them all snuggled together in bed.

16. My kids’ laughter. It’s infectious, and a guaranteed mood enhancer.

17. Watching my kids play together with no fighting.

18. Hearing my daughter call me her best friend.

19. When they reach out to give me a hug in the morning, even before they open their eyes.

20. When I get to go to school and watch them perform or participate in an event.

21. Seeing them play with each other, even if it is only for a minute before fighting again.

22. Watching them try new things, learn something new and grow as humans before my eyes.

things that make me happy

23. Hearing my kids tell me about their day.

24. Seeing my kids’ faces when they are excited about something.

25. Making my kids laugh.

26. Hugs and kisses from my kids.

27. Knowing that we have made a difference in their lives and they will make a difference in the world.

28. Seeing them run to greet me when I come back from running errands.

29. When they fall asleep in my arms.

30. When they smile because they remember a happy memory, and then tell me about it!

31. Hearing that I am loved.

32. When they help take care of me when I’m sick.

33. Seeing my kids hug each other.

34. Teaching my kids to be independent.

35. Knowing I’m making a difference in their lives and breaking generational curses.

36. When they sing along to music I play.

37. When dance along with the music i play.

38. Reading Books Before Bedtime.

39. Seeing my kids do something I used to do, like playing with a toy I used to love or taking a nap after lunchtime.

things that make me happy

40. When my kids really hear what I say and follow directions or rules.

41. When they take the initiative to help out around the house.

42. When I find a kid friendly restaurant that I love too.

43. Getting a homemade Mother’s Day card.

44. When both kids sleep through the night.

45. Watching my kids turn into amazing little humans, with their own dreams and aspirations.

46. Taking silly pictures and making funny faces.

47. Watching them grow up and getting to know their personalities.

48. Finding the perfect outfit or pair of shoes at a great price!

49. Being the first person to kiss their boo-boo’s better.

50. Seeing that I’m succeeding at gentle parenting.

51. Being a mom (DUH!).

52. Family vacations.

53. Being able to provide for my children.

54. Seeing my daughter be confident in who she is and the things she loves.

55. Having mommy/daughter moments with my princess.

56. Being able to take a nap during the day (that doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s glorious).

57. At least 15 minutes of alone time (usually in the shower) to get my day started.

58. Reading a book in peace and quiet.

59. A cup of coffee before everyone gets up in the morning.

things that make me happy

60. Being able to sleep in a little later on the weekends.

61. Finding a babysitter.

62. Having alone time.

63. Breakfast in bed on special occasions.

64. Going for a run or practicing yoga with no interruptions.

65. Doing things that focus on me and my needs.

66. Getting compliments on my parenting.

67. Getting the space to enjoy the food I eat.

68. Finishing a load of laundry.

69. A spring or fall morning when it’s not too cold, but not too hot yet.

70. Making someone else feel better just by being around them.

71. Date night with my husband.

72. Lying in bed after my kids are asleep.

73. Waking up early before my kids wake up.

74. Having alone time to enjoy my hobbies.

75. When my husband helps with the kids.

76. Being able to drink my hot coffee or tea while it’s still hot.

77. A fresh manicure, even if I do it myself at home.

78. Creating a blog post for other moms to enjoy!

79. Getting a full night sleep.

80. Knowing that I am a great mom, even if I make mistakes sometimes.

81. Waking up in a clean house.

82. Going to sleep in a clean house.

83. Consistently practicing self-care and self-love.

84. Girl’s time with my close girlfriends.

85. Having a day to myself, even if it just means having some time at night to watch TV after my kids go to bed.

86. Getting a text from a close girlfriend who wants to grab brunch me.

Final Thoughts: Things That Make Me Happy

With Love, 365 Health and Wellness Mama!

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