the social benefits of exercise

The Social Benefits of Exercise

How much do you know about the social benefits of exercise?

Hey Mamas! Regular exercise provides a host of health benefits, including increased self-esteem, improved sleep and a better mood. But do you know about the social benefits of exercise?

Personal Relationships

There are so many social benefits of exercise! The most important is fostering great relationships. Exercising helps you manage stress and anxiety—two things that may cause conflict with our friends and family members in otherwise positive relationships.

the social benefits of exercise

Relationship with Family

Your improved mood will come in handy when dealing with your energetic kids and busy home life! A bi-product of exercising is improved cognitive function. Improved memory and thinking skills help you keep up with extracurricular activities and think quick on your feet when faced with last-minute changes.

Relationship with Friends

Exercising regularly can improve your ability to make friends and nurture your social circle because people who are active tend not to isolate themselves from others as much as those who don’t exercise regularly do!

Relationships at Work and School

Lastly, exercise improves your ability to perform at work or school because it makes you more motivated, alert, and focused.

Exercise also helps improve non-verbal communication skills such as eye contact and hand gestures, both of which can make a big difference in how well someone communicates with others.

the social benefits of exercise

Meet People

When you’re a mom, it’s not always easy to go out and meet others. You have your hands full with caring for kids, managing work responsibilities, and trying to find some time to relax.

But when you’re able to exercise on a regular basis, you become happier and healthier because of it—and being healthy will boost your confidence in striking up conversations with those around you!

Other Moms

One of the best parts about getting out and moving your body is that you’re meeting other moms. You’ll find it’s a wonderful way to meet people with similar interests, who may also be new in town or looking for ways to get active.

That way you’ll have someone who understands what motherhood feels like firsthand (and vice versa) so there won’t be any judgment or awkward moments during conversations.

Child-Free Friends

Exercising grants the opportunity to meet people who do not have children. Making friends with people of different backgrounds gives you a well-rounded support circle.

Having a network that includes child-free people allows a different perspective on life. It also gives you the opportunity to provide a unique perspective to conversations.

the social benefits of exercise

Some great places where you can meet other moms and make some friends:

  • Sunday morning yoga class: no one is a perfect yogi and everyone is supportive.
  • The park during weekday mornings: playing tag or kickball is fun for kids and adults.
  • A nature walk in your town: sometimes the most beautiful things are right under your nose.

Whether it’s kickboxing, cycling, yoga, or another popular class, find something that sounds fun and get ready to meet some fun new people who share your interests.

Some well-known gyms with locations across the US include:

CrossFit, 24 Hour Fitness, Equinox, Anytime Fitness, and Planet Fitness.

Today, people are making meaningful connections with others online. Would you rather stay at home and engage with others virtually? There are some great programs and products out there that provide just that! Give these a try!

the social benefits of exercise


Now that meeting new people is out of the way, I can tell you how accountability is one of the social benefits of exercise!

When you’re accountable to someone, you’re more likely to stick with what you’ve said you’ll do. Whether it’s quitting smoking or starting a workout routine, social accountability can help.

Even the most well-intentioned resolutions won’t go anywhere if we don’t follow through on them—and social accountability is a great way to keep yourself from falling into slothfulness.

A recent study showed that when people were held accountable for reaching their goals by being assigned partners and given regular check-ins, they were much more likely to reach those goals than those who operated in isolation.

When we have someone else relying on us—whether it’s a workout partner or an online group checking in on our progress—we are much less likely to let ourselves down.


Believe it or not, motivation is one of the social benefits of exercise.

If you’re trying to get in shape and accomplish fitness goals, having the support of a group is a major factor in keeping yourself going.

Your trainer or other people working out with you can keep pushing you and giving encouragement. So that even when you’re tired or feeling like giving up, they’ll be there to keep pushing through.

Working out as part of a group helps everyone achieve their goals more effectively. Having an environment where everyone is working towards the same goal creates competition. That competition pushes everyone to do better and try harder with their workout routine.

the social benefits of exercise

Helpful Tips

With Love, 365 Health and Wellness Mama!

Have you experienced any of the social benefits of exercising? Let me know how it changed your life in the comments below!

Did you try any of my recommendations? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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