emotional trauma test

Are You Traumatized? Take The Emotional Trauma Test

emotional trauma test

What is Emotional Trauma?

Am I Traumatized? – Short Quiz

1. Do you have a lot of emotional outbursts? Do you feel like you are losing control of yourself?

2. Do you feel like you have difficulty talking about an experience? Is the experience too overwhelming to think about?

3. Are you engaging in risky behaviors such as reckless driving, unsafe sex, gambling, or overspending?

4. Have your sleeping habits changed and do you now feel more tired throughout the day?

5. Have you begun avoiding certain situations or places because they remind you too much of your ordeal?

emotional trauma test

Emotional Trauma Test

Change Starts with a Single Step

emotional trauma test

If this sounds like something that might resonate with your situation right now, here are reputable professional therapy services and aids that I highly recommend:

Final Thoughts

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