Conquering life with honest intentions!

Passion Turned Into Profession…

For as long as I can remember, I have been a sounding board for women and younger generations in my family. I have given advice and recommendations on life, love, career, spirit and health. These engagements have sent me on a journey of self-understanding. I finally decided to share my advice with the world!

Putting years of love and healing into a tangible form….

I am a mother of two, a middle child, a wife, a big sister, and a friend. I engage in all of those relationships with honest intentions, especially with my children. One phrase I use often is “with love”, because I cook with love, I speak with love, and I nurture with love.

It sounds easy, but all mommies know, having to be all of these versions of myself is challenging and can be exhausting. And to be successful at it requires good time management and some level of discipline. These attributes don’t just come out of nowhere. I have had to invest in myself in many ways to make sure I am healthy and happy while supporting my loved ones. But I want to help others succeed as well. Thus, my blog was born!

I hope you enjoy, 365 Health and Wellness Mama!